Everything that a driver needs to work comfortably and efficiently

The application includes everything to quickly receive orders, communicate with the passenger and view statistics. This is an ideal tool that will increase driver productivity and help your business earn more.

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Manage the riders


Estimation of the ride costs

Calculation of the actual cost of distance ridden.

Ride History

The full history of driver rides for all time.

Route planning

A convenient navigation system, building an optimal route. Both from the current position to the client, and along the client’s route.


Finance control


Calculation of the downtime

A system for calculating downtime by speed.

Balance control

Monitoring and replenishment of the balance.

The ability to monitor own balance

The ability to monitor own balance - in real-time, the drivers can track how much they have driven for the selected period.

Constant communication

Chat with a passenger.

Chat with a company dispatcher.


Chat with a company dispatcher.

Quick call

A quick call to a client.


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