User-friendly application for your clients

Create the ability to call a taxi in 2 clicks for your customers. See how it works for yourself

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The application has already thought out the possibilities for which customers will give their hearts to you.


Route planning

Route planning is ideal for customers who don’t know their final destination or who have a difficult route with a stop at several points.

Car class

The clients can choose the level of comfort that suits them.

Payment options

Passengers can choose pay in cash or by a credit card.

Rides history

A complete detailed history of all-time rides.

Favorite places

Favorite places - to simplify the process of ordering a car, passengers can add most visited places to their favorites.


Early Flight? Important meeting? Passengers will be able to plan their rides in advance and make a reservation for a car.


Full visual customization for your business.

We can make the design of the passenger application unique and memorizable using your logo and corporate colors. You can choose an interface below and we will adapt it for you. Each design is sold only 1 time!

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